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Costa Rica 2023

Immerse yourself in the lush jungle between two stunning volcanoes, where we experienced thrilling activities like ATV riding, ziplining, and swimming in hot springs. We reconnected with nature as we hiked through the rainforest, took a dip in waterfalls, and did invigorating outdoor workouts. We started each day with a nutritious boost of fresh fruit, then headed to the tropical paradise of Playa Hermosa, where we surfed, had work out at sunset on the beach, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. This retreat offered the perfect combination of adventure, fitness, and relaxation.


"The ATV riding experience in the jungle was unlike anything I've ever done before. The guides were knowledgeable and provided a safe, yet exciting adventure through the lush terrain. I highly recommend this activity to anyone looking for a thrill."


"The outdoor workouts during the retreat were incredibly rewarding. The beautiful surroundings made the experience even more special, and I loved the feeling of being one with nature while getting in a great workout."


"Playa Hermosa was the perfect contrast to the jungle experience. The breathtaking beaches and warm waters were the ideal setting for surfing, beach workouts, and soaking up the sun. The nightlife was also a highlight, with great food and entertainment."


"Starting each day with fresh fruit and healthy meals made such a difference in my overall experience during the retreat. The attention to wellness and nutrition was much appreciated, and I left feeling nourished both physically and mentally."

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